2 Minute History: Jon Arfstrom

Jon Arfstrom [1928-2015] lived his life creating art. Pencil, pen, oils, acrylics, watercolor, markers, colored pencils, charcoal, and pastels all found a home on his canvases and sketchbooks.

At the age of 14, Jon created portraits for passengers on the Great Lakes cruise ships during WWII. Now determined to live his life as an artist, Jon became an advertising illustrator for Gamble-Skogmo in 1950. Six years later, Jon joined Brown & Bigelow in St. Paul, working there for 40 years until his retirement in 1996.

Jon Arfstrom drew or painted constantly, becoming an early member of the Northstar Watercolor Society as well. He could be found working in all kinds of places, at any time of day or night, living and breathing his art, right up until the day he passed away. Join us now and experience the magic of his work.