Vi Smith 1

Violet Smith, center, on the day of her senior prom, on the front steps of George Green’s home on Fremont Street in Anoka, 1940.

We just heard the sad news that longtime ACHS volunteer Violet Smith passed away. Our thoughts are with her friends and family.

Vi regularly volunteered with ACHS at the Anoka County Fair, and with our children’s tea programs. She was always fun to talk to and loved to tell stories.

One of my favorite memories of Vi was when she was touring a house on the 2009 Anoka Heritage Home and Garden Tour. One of the houses, on Fremont Avenue, was a home that at one time was owned by George Green, the Anoka businessman credited with organizing the first Anoka Halloween celebrations. Vi was so excited to tell the homeowners that she always

loved the home. She loved it so much that she and her friends took their pictures in front of it on the day of their prom in 1940.

She even went home to get the pictures so the current homeowners could see them.