2015 Annual Report

ACHS Annual Report (PDF)

The 2015 Anoka County Historical Society Annual Report is available to view and download.

Executive Director’s  Letter

My first unofficial, official appearance for the ACHS as Executive Director occurred at the Annual Meeting last year. Not quite on the payroll, yet hired for the position, I attended not knowing what to expect. I found a room full of curious, enthusiastic people happy to welcome me to an organization I have come to treasure dearly this past year.

To say the job has met my expectations is a lie–it has surpassed them entirely! From the staff who strive daily to present the best information and public face of local history to the Board members tasked with long-term vision and the donors who loyally provide ACHS with their time, talents, and financial support, I am proud to call this museum my work home. In this report you’ll find a synopsis of 2015 that of course can’t say it all, but sure tries hard to represent the highlights of the year. As we leave the “getting-your-feet-wet” year behind and launch into the “what-are-the-possibilities” year of 2016, I thank you for continuing to journey with us through the past, the present, and into the future!

Rebecca Ebnet-Mavencamp, ACHS Executive Director

Read the 2015 Annual Report here.