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All for the Union

All for the Union: Anoka County Faces the Civil War


This booklet goes with our current exhibit of the same name. It contains much of the information from the exhibit, including text, photographs and images of the artifacts on display. An excellent portable resource for information about Anoka County during the Civil War.



Anoka and the Tornado of ’39 (DVD)

Presented by: North Metro TV

This is a 20 minute program discussing the tornado that swept through Anoka and Champlin in 1939, killing 9 people and injuring many more. Contains many images and interviews with survivors.


Anoka County & Its Neighbors

By: Janice M. Anderson

This big book is perfect for explaining the geography, political organization, and history of Anoka and the neighboring counties that make up the North Metro to students and children. It was written to coincide with Anoka’s 150th Anniversary in 2007.


Anoka in 1889

Anoka in 1889

By: “Tracks”/G. H. Goodrich & Co.

This booklet, originally produced by Goodrich & Co., summarizes life in both the City of Anoka and Anoka County more broadly in 1889. This edition is a reprint done in celebration of the United States’ Bicentennial in 1976 by the Anoka County Historical Society.


$2.00 (ACHS Members)

Anoka Union Marriage.Death

Anoka Union Marriage & Death Records 1863-1870

By: Anoka County Genealogical Society



Brother of Mine Book

Brother of Mine: The Civil War Letters of Thomas & William Christie

By: Hampton Smith (ed.)

This volume presents the war letters of half-brothers Thomas and William Christie of the First Minnesota Light Artillery, and their experiences during the Civil War.


Champlin Cemetery

By: Anoka County Genealogical Society



Champlin Book

Champlin On The Mississippi, Revisited

By: Champlin Historical Society



Chicamagau Book

Chickamauga, Chattanooga, Granger, Grant and Grandpa

By: June Irene Anderson



Childhood Adventures Book

Childhood Adventures of Baby-boom Sisters

By: Barbara A. Thurston

Childhood Adventures of Baby-boom Sisters are real stories of the author’s childhood as best she remembers them. Barb’s earliest memory is of riding her shiny red tricycle when tragedy struck. Other tales include using the one-holer, being pestered by two older brothers, building a tree house, cutting wood, extreme punishments, weeding gardens, playing with matches along with many other stories of childhood innocence during the late 1950s and early 1960s. Her constant companion was her little sister, Evie. Relive your own memories while you read these short stories or just get a glimpse of what life was like in rural Minnesota during the baby-boom.”

Barbara Thurston is a long-time Anoka County resident.


A History of the City of Ramsey

By: Anoka County Genealogical Society



Colonial Hall Booklet

Colonial Hall & The Drs. Aldritch




Days Gone By color book

Days Gone By Coloring Book

By: Artists Del Norte & ACHS




Every Name Index to Goodrich

By: Leslie Randels Gillund

This is an index of names listed in the 1976 Bicentennial reprint of Albert M. Goodrich’s History of ANOKA County and the towns of Champlin and Dayton in Hennepin County, Minnesota, which was originally published in 1905. This index is very helpful for doing any sort of research with the Goodrich book.


Genealogical Research pamphlet

Genealogical Research At ACHS




Gettysburg Book

Gettysburg: A History for the People

By: John D. Cox



Good News I Failed - Book

Good News – I Failed: A Story of Inventing in Minnesota

By: D. P. Cornelius

“Dreams – sometimes they change the world, sometimes they just plain fall through. Over the course of a weekend at grandpa’s farm near Luverne, Minnesota, 14-year-old Josh Lindstrom gets in touch with his dreams as they spend their time inventing, and grandpa relates the stories of some of the great Minnesota inventors. Success, however, does not come easily. So, is there anything to be learned form the inventors that preceded them, especially those of the aptly named Greatest Generation? Josh and his grandpa discover together that when it comes to dreams of inventing, failure is okay. As Minnesota inventor Earl Bakken had said, ‘Failure is closer to success than inaction.’

Some surprises are revealed along the way, and the unexpected ending soars with a heartfelt and compelling, once-in-a-lifetime, encounter. An appendix featuring profiles of the Minnesota 80 serves as a resource of the state’s key inventors.”


Keepers of the County

Keepers of the County: The Anoka County Sheriff’s Office

By: Vickie Wendel



$29.83 (ACHS Members)

Life in Anoka 1900

Life in Anoka – 1900

By: Harlan Thurston

This narrative history by Harlan Thurston was first published serially by the Anoka County Union starting in January 1972, and ran for 12 consecutive weeks. By popular request, the articles were assembled into booklet form by the Anoka County Historical Society.


$2.00 (ACHS Members)

Groat Diary

Pages Clothed in the Plainest of Dress: The Groat Diary

By: J. W. Groat

The J. W. Groat manuscript was donated to the Anoka County Historical Society in 1977. The parts of his diary containing his thoughts and experiences  while serving for the Union Army during the Civil War have been reproduced here for the enjoyment of readers today. Groat died on April 27, 1895, and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Anoka.


$5.15 (ACHS Members)

Picturing Anoka County

Picturing Anoka County: 150 Years of Anoka County History

By: Sharron Stockhausen



$24.09 (ACHS Members)

Prairie Lightning Book

Prairie Lightning: The Rise and Fall of William Drew Washburn

By: Kerck Kelsey



Promises to Keep Book

Promises To Keep

By: Maria King



Sentinal on the River

Sentinel on the River: Anoka’s Woodbury House






Shadows of Time…Minnesota’s Surviving Railroad Depots

by: Bill Schrankler



The Shaman Stone

The Shaman Stone

By: June Gossler Anderson



Silent Cities

Silent Cities: A Survey of Anoka County Minnesota Cemeteries




$5.50 (ACHS Members)

SOS Korea Book

SOS Korea 1950, Illustrated: Eyewitness Accounts of American in South Korea when the North Attacked

By: Raymond B. Maurstad

(Autographed copies)


The Twins Platoon

The Twins Platoon: An Epic Story of Young Marines at War in Vietnam

By: Christy W. Sauro Jr.



Vietnam Bk 1

Vietnam: The Veteran’s Experience, Book 1




$22.50 (ACHS Members)

Vietnam Bk 2

Vietnam: The Veteran’s Experience, Book 2