ACHS can provide digital files or print reproductions of our images. Reproduction and use/publication prices are listed below:

Digital Files

$20.00 – all of our digital images have a 600 dpi resolution

Color Prints on Photo Paper

5 x 7 – $2.50

8 x 10 – $5.00

12 x 18 – $16.00

Use and Publication Fees


Website only (3-year license)
Public Display
Publications (Under 1,000 printed)
Publications (1,000-25,000 printed)
Publications (25,001+ printed)

Personal, MN non-profits, MN news media:

Commercial, non-MN non-profits, non-MN news media:


Personal use: The image(s) will be used only in a private home or office. They will not be displayed in a sales area or reproduced for any purpose.

Non-Profit: The image(s) will be published, displayed, or broadcast by a Minnesota 501(c)(3) organization. Any profit from the publication, display or broadcast will go into the account of the non-profit organization and not to an individual or corporation.

Commercial: The image(s) will be published, displayed, or broadcast in a commercial environment for profit. This includes commercial websites representing a person or corporation who sell goods or services.

Minnesota media company: A publisher or broadcaster whose audience base is primarily within Minnesota.

Public display: Displayed image(s) in a public environment, such as a restaurant, museum, sales office or reception area.