Meet the ACHS Board of Directors


President and
At Large B

Dennis Berg

Dennis Berg is a resident of Nowthen and former Anoka County Commissioner.


Vice President and
District #4 Representative

Lotus Hubbard

Lotus Hubbard works for CenturyLink and is a Columbia Heights resident.


Treasurer and
At Large G

Steve Florman


District #1 Representative

Al Pearson

Al Pearson is a farmer in Ramsey.


District #2 Representative



District #3 Representative

Orville Lindquist

Orville Lindquist works for the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities and also serves on the board of directors of the Blaine Historical Society. He is a Blaine resident.


District #5 Representative

Richard Oxley


District #6 Representative



District #7 Representative

Bart Ward

Bart Ward is the CEO of Ward & Company and an Anoka resident.


At Large A



At Large C

Mike Scott

Mike Scott is a city attorney with Hicken, Scott, Howard & Anderson, P.A..


At Large D

Johannes Allert


At Large E

Mary Nolan


At Large F

Paul Pierce III

Paul Pierce is a resident of Anoka and the owner of a National Register of Historic Places property.


At Large H

Jim Rootes


Anoka County Commissioner Liason

Mandy Meisner