Would you like to share your research on Anoka County History? We are happy to consider articles written by students of any age, as well as community and family historians.

Submission Guidelines

In order to be considered for publication, an article must meet the following guidelines:

Subject Matter

The subject of the article must relate directly to Anoka County History.


The article must be original work by the stated author.

You may submit an article written by a family member if you have authority to submit the work. For example, we would accept an article written by your parent or grandparent, as long as you clearly identify the author, the author’s relationship to you, and the approximate date the article was written.


Please limit your article to 1500 words or fewer.

Electronic Format

Articles must be submitted as editable document files (.doc, .docx, .txt, and .rtf). We will not accept paper documents or PDFs.

Documents should be primarily text, and free of complex formatting, such as tables. We do not have the resources to re-create layout or formatting in the blog post.

You may include a small number of images with your document. These images must be submitted as separate files in .jpg, .gif, or .png format, and must be no larger than 600px in either dimension.

You must have rights to publish the images you include.

Citing Sources

If your article quotes, paraphrases, or otherwise refers to work that is not yours, please make sure to follow standard citation guidelines.

If you have questions about what needs to be cited or how to properly cite sources, Plagiarism.org has very helpful, straightforward information for you. For a good overview, read What is Plagiarism? and What’s a Citation?.

Final Approval

All articles are subject to review and approval by Anoka County Historical Society staff.

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