(The following is from the Bi-Centennial edition of the Anoka County Union, June 1976)

Circle Pines is located in the southwest part of Anoka County, near Baldwin Lake, with the former Highway 8 running diagonally through it.  It is bounded by County Highway 17 on the west, County Highway 10 on the north and by Ramsey County of the south.

The village (now city) of Circle Pines was officially incorporated on May 13, 1950 from territory in both of the former Blaine and Centerville Townships.  At the first election of the new village (May 1950) the following officers were elected: Carl Eck, Mayor; Norman Dahl, Treasurer; Herman Heath, Constable; M.K. Webster, Justice; Andrew Gibas, Clerk; H.W. Swanson, Assessor; Merle Cook, Constable; Robert Anderson, Justice; Trustees, G.J. Grunz, Vernon Mauren and V.E. Mikkelson.

Circle Pines population in 1950 was 341; in 1960 it rose to 2,789; 1965, 3,668 and by 1970 it had reached 3,902.

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