Museum In A Box

Bring Anoka County history to your classroom!

The Anoka County Historical Society is excited to offer these boxes full of historical artifacts and information for Anoka County teachers! No matter what type of school you teach in, public, parochial or homeschool, this great resource will help bring the past to life for your students as they study American history.

Each Museum-In-A-Box covers a different topic, matching new state education standards. The box contains several hands-on artifacts relating to the topic, allowing children to get direct experience with the past, and information cards about each artifact to help students understand why the objects are important. Boxes also contain a binder with content for teachers, including: lesson plans, information on how the contents fit with curriculum standards, and more.

We currently offer five boxes, and are developing more.


Safe for Democracy: World War I


Beginning with a brief overview of the war, this box covers what life was like on the home front. It especially addresses the clash between President Wilson’s stated reason for entering the war – to make the world “safe for democracy” – and the often un-democratic measures and restrictions that were imposed on Americans at home for the duration of the conflict. (This box includes a PowerPoint presentation.)

The Great Depression: 1930s


This box explores the era of the Great Depression. An activity helps students grasp the interconnection of people in the economy, and the reasons why the 1929 Stock Market crash led to hard times for so many people across the country. Hands-on artifacts give students a chance to see how people made do with less in their home lives in response to hard economic times. (This box includes a PowerPoint presentation.)

Reading Artifacts


This box uses the investigation of historical objects and associated primary sources to help students understand the importance of artifacts in historical interpretation. The eight artifacts in the box are a tangible connection to the past and illustrate the everyday history of common people in the past. Interpreting the artifacts will also reveal how and why the way we live has changed over time.

Toys and Games


This box contains replica toys and games from the mid- to late-1800s, as well as instructions for use so that students can enjoy playtime the way their ancestors did!

History Detectives


This box contains a collection of artifacts that challenge students to figure out what they are, who used them, how they were used, and why they were important, as well as how these items may have changed and evolved over time. Students can learn about tools and objects used by their ancestors, and figure out what modern-day equivalents might be in use today. 

 Rental Information:

There is one-time, refundable deposit fee for use of each box, plus a weekly, non-refundable rental fee. Please contact us for more information and to inquire about reserving a box for your classroom!