The History of Agriculture in Anoka County

From 2003-2005, the Anoka County Historical Society received grant money for a project to document the history of agriculture in Anoka County. Below are the names and transcripts of oral interviews conducted as part of that project. The interviews are with Anoka County farmers about their family and farming histories. Transcripts are provided below as PDF files; interview audio files may be accessed in the Reading Room at ACHS.

Please note that sometimes interviews were conducted with more than one person at the same time, so the same transcript may be linked for different names. The list is alphabetical by last name of the person who was interviewed.

Anderson, Edith – Transcript
Anderson, Laurence – Transcript
Anderson, Roy and Beryl – Transcript
Bacon, Bruce – Transcript
Berg, Dennis – Transcript
Boettcher, Melvin – Transcript
Broadbent, Carroll – Transcript
Bruner, Gil – Transcript
Brunkow, Robert – Transcript
Buchholz, Marvin and Paul – Transcript
Cardinal, Andrew – Transcript
Daly, Frank and Vivian – Transcript
Dehn, Bob and Bonnie – Transcript
Driscoll, Kurt and Rita – Transcript
DuFresne, Wilmer – Transcript
Fields, Jim – Transcript
Furrer, Samuel and Anne – Transcript
Greenberg, Harvey – Transcript
Hoffman, Warren – Transcript
Jones, Raymond and Cynthia – Transcript
Jorgensen, Irene – Transcript
Joyer, Mary Jo – Transcript
Knoll, Jim and Jane – Transcript

Knoll, Stanley and Delores – Transcript
Leistico, Orval – Transcript
Lundgren, Peggy – Interview
Manthey, Joyce – Transcript
McGown, Joyce – Memoir
Medvecky, Beverly – Transcript
Nelson, Bernard – Transcript
Nelson, David – Transcript
Nixon, Jean – Transcript
Paulson, Janet – Transcript
Paulson, Lou – Transcript
Peterson, Dorothy – Transcript
Peterson, Graydon and Helen – Transcript
Peterson, Rachel – Transcript
Proulx, Carolyn – Transcript
Reimnitz, Judith – Transcript
Rivard, Kathy – Transcript
Sausen, Thomas and Troy – Transcript
Slyzuk, Ken and Mary – Transcript
Steinke, Douglas – Transcript
Stranlund, Vern and Carol – Transcript
Swanson, Richard – Transcript
Waldoch, Lucille – Transcript



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