Rum River Rovers Vintage Base Ball Club

The Rum River Rovers Base Ball Club

Rum River Rovers Vintage Base Ball

The Anoka County Historical Society has partnered with the Rum River Rovers to share the fun of vintage base ball.

The Rum River Rovers play base ball using the rules, customs, and uniforms that were part of the game in 1860. In addition to the vintage uniforms, vintage base ball differs from modern baseball in other noticeable ways:

  • Vintage base ball players don’t wear gloves.
  • A batter is out if a hit ball is caught either in the air or after one bounce.
  • Vintage base ball is a gentlemen’s game. The only job of the umpire is to call foul balls. Players determine all other plays on their own.

About the Rum River Rovers

The Rum River Rovers Base Ball Club of Anoka County Began in 2013. Most players on the team either grew up in Anoka County or live here now. The Rovers team has included both men and women, with players ranging in age from teenagers to 70 years old.

Most Rovers games take place in Minnesota or western Wisconsin, but they have also played in Milwaukee and the “Field of Dreams” in Dyersville, Iowa.

Come join the Rum River Rovers and the Anoka County Historical Society for some historical, competitive fun!


2016 Rum River Rovers Schedule

Date Location Notes
May 14th Columbia Heights, MN Keyes Park, 1345 45 ½ St., Columbia Heights. Games will be at 10-11:30am and approx. 1:00-2:30pm.
May 21st Afton, MN Crocker Park, Hudson Rd N, Lakeland, MN 55043. Two nine-inning games beginning around 1:30pm.
June 11th Rochester, MN Rochester Classic with La Crescent, and St. Louis Union
June 18th Scandia, MN Beer fest with St. Croix and Menomonie
July 10th Mankato, MN North Mankato Fun Days
July 16th Stillwater, MN Lumberjack Days with Afton, Menomonie, Northfield, Chisholm, Arlington,Quicksteps, and La Crescent
August 21st Barron, WI Vintage event with Menomonie and St Croix
September 9th Scandia, MN Scandia women’s softball event including men’s fast pitch softball team
September 17th Arlington With the Quicksteps and St. Croix
October 15th Red Wing, MN With St. Croix and La Crescent


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