What better place to go exploring for ghosts than in the City of Anoka, Halloween Capital of the World?

Ghosts of Anoka Walking ToursStories abound in Anoka of odd happenings and eerie encounters. There is a house where the rocking chair rocks with no one sitting in it. A business in town has employees who won’t enter parts of the building because of the woman seen only in a mirror. There are doors that lock themselves, displays that change on their own, cold drafts…..might they all speak of things unexplained?

Our costumed tour guides will take you on a walk through historic neighborhoods of Anoka. You’ll view (from the outside) homes and businesses that have been privy to some unexplained events, while your guide shares real stories that have been brought to the Anoka County Historical Society by the people who live and work in these buildings. Sixty percent history, forty percent folklore; these stories are just part of the fun you will experience on your Ghosts of Anoka tour.



All tours originate from the Anoka County History Center and Library. The tour route is 15 blocks around Anoka city streets and lasts about 1.5 hours.


Watch this space for upcoming tour dates September-August. Or sign up for our mailing list to be informed when tours are scheduled.

Regular Ticket Prices


Children (6–17):

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Special Group Tours

If your group of 15 or more would like to book a special Ghosts of Anoka tour just for your group, please call us at 763-421-0600, for more information and reservations.

Virtual Tours

For groups unable to walk the route, ACHS offers a historic Ghosts of Anoka “virtual tour” presentation. Contact us for more information.