Documenting the story as it happens makes history authentic


ACHS recognizes the role we must play in documenting the present moment in order to create history for future generations. The most recent veteran families who have served since the first Gulf War have a unique experience in military history. The advent of immediate, electronic communication, the televised conflicts, and the multiple deployments survived by citizen soldiers have set the stage for a story like no other America has in the books. This documentary gives Anoka County family members a chance to share their story on a national stage in a way that will connect us all.

Much of the filming has concluded and will culminate in the summer of 2019 as “We Too are at War” will premier on your local public television station. How did a fourth grader feel when Dad left yet again? How did a husband fare when traditional roles reversed and he stayed on the home front? What did a new couple with a baby do overseas when he left for harms way? How can we as a society support the ongoing commitment of our friends and neighbors who serve in America’s military?  Watch for trailers and screening opportunities in 2019 to find these and other answers. PS...tissues are recommended, but not required.


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