The Anoka State Hospital

From the earliest discussions in the late 1800’s about its location, to the later controversies over patient treatment, the State Hospital in Anoka has a storied history. In 2013, ACHS received a grant so we could better document that history in the form of oral interviews, conducted in 2014. ACHS has over 20 interviews documenting life at the Anoka State Hospital, as well as the changes that occurred over the years.

As a large employer in the area, the Anoka State Hospital touched many people in both the city and the county. Staff and patient interactions with the community over time (both good and bad), created further connections. ACHS has attempted to capture many of these stories. Interviews represent former employees, family, community members, doctors, and some patients. The list is alphabetical by last name of the interviewee.

ACHS is working to make all of our interviews available online, so please be patience during this transition phase.

Anderson, Gretchen
Anderson, Tom
Berger, Dorothy
Blesi, Cynthia*
Boos, Doris
Christian, Larry
Farrell, Russ
Haertl, Kristine
Karlen, Markle
Kyllonen, Dr. Ron
Larson, Ann
Lynch, Shirley
McBride, Kris
Nelson, Cliff
Newcomb, Roy
Olsen, Mary
Olson, Bruce
Resman, Michael
Sandberg, Sharon
Siewart, Karen
Walton, Linda

*Transcript of this interview is not currently available.

**This interview is about an artifact of the Anoka State Hospital, a suit created by a patient in the 1940s.