Artifact Donation Interest Form


Use this form to describe any artifact(s) that you are interested in donating to the Anoka County Historical Society.

Please review our donation guidelines before submitting a potential artifact donation. You can also check our FAQ.

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Give us a physical description of the item(s) you would like to donate, including number, size, amount, etc., as appropriate.
Tell us as much story as you know about the item(s). Names, dates, locations, and other details about an artifact's life are important when determining if it can find a home at ACHS.
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Do you have photos of the items you would like to donate? These can be helpful as we make our decisions, especially for objects. Please indicate whether you have photos (or scans), and email them to the Collections Manager after you submit this form:
We appreciate your interest in donating to the Anoka County Historical Society's museum collection. We will review your information and respond to you as soon as possible. Our Collections Manager may contact you with additional questions regarding your artifact(s). If there is any other information we should know about you or this potential donation, please indicate it here: