Korean War

Sometimes referred to as the “Forgotten War,” the fight to keep Communism out of at least part of the Korean Peninsula affected the lives of many, both in the United States and in Korea. ACHS has more than 20 interviews with Korean War veterans, family members, and in one instance with a North Korean refugee, documenting how the war impacted the residents of Anoka County.

Many interviews are with veterans of the war, but some were conducted with family members or spouses of military personnel, and a few with residents of the county who were connected to the war in other ways. A single interview will often cover several topics, and many do not focus solely on the Korean War. The list is alphabetical by last name of the interviewee(s).

ACHS is working to make all of our interviews available online, so please be patience during this transition phase

Abeln, Jerry*
Benson, Kendall
Bradley, Lyle
Cronin, Larry and Mary Lou
Erickson, Rex
Johnson, Eugene
Johnson, Russ*
Kim, John
Kinney, Richard and Darlyn
Lewandowski, Ervin
Lilledahl, Donald and Bill
Mourstad, Ray and Marian
Nelson, Gerry
Opem, Elder
Pickett, Wayne
Sell, Charlie
Skoglund, Chet
Sorenson, Bill
Swenson, Wayne and Evangeline
Vevea, Curt
Wilson, Ted
Wojciechowski, Peter


*Transcripts of these interviews are not currently available.