Snow Through Time

History has a habit of repeating itself, especially in Minnesota. Through the years, Anoka County residents have survived the elements to call this area home, despite piles of white stuff towering in all directions. Enjoy these photos and know spring is a short six weeks away!

A man stands with livestock in the snow. This is part of a collection of images scanned from glass negatives that belonged to Roy Downs. His grandfather Rufus Downs took these photos of Ramsey and Anoka about 1900. The family lived at 1420 - 5th Ave., South, Anoka, but the farm in Ramsey was just outside of Anoka south of Highway 10 down by the river. Rufus T. Downs came to Minnesota in 1856 and settled in Ramsey, living there until his death on October 24, 1902. His mother's maiden name was Nancy Hancock and her father, John Hancock, was a cousin of the signer of the Declaration of Independence. His first wife, Lucy M. Libby, died and he married Myrtle Hyatt of Anoka. He also served as chairman of the supervisors of the town of Ramsey from 1880-1886 and as county commissioner acting as chairman during the last three years of this service. (Object ID 2005.1361.143)