Veterans Voice

The Veterans Voice project takes the ACHS commitment to military history into the modern era by focusing on those who served since the Gulf War. Together donors, staff, volunteers, and veterans will recount the many facets of this 30-year story involving dramatic changes in communication, home front life, children, and the community of Anoka County.

To watch the TPT documentary “We’re In This Together” click here


the starting line

From the announcement of a deployment through the training and departure ceremony to the final wave as the bus pulls out of sight, military families shoulder an overwhelming amount of stress and love. Hear their stories in this exhibit, coming soon.

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the long haul

A family’s experience on the home front during a deployment varies by the week, day, and sometimes, minute. Additional duties, long-distance relationships, and children missing a parent often complicate an already stressful situation. Hear how these families dealt with their new realities, coming soon.


the end is the beginning

The happy reunion lasts through a honeymoon phase and then creates a new beginning for a deployed family. Old habits irritate or endear, new-found hobbies and skills take-hold or fall by the wayside. The changed family members must navigate a new normal in order to survive. Find out how they do it in this exhibit, coming soon.