The Vietnam War

The controversial conflict that was the Vietnam War touched Anoka County and its residents just as much as the rest of the United States. From 2005-2007, the Anoka County Historical Society conducted interviews relating to the Vietnam War with Anoka County residents as part of a larger project to present the history of the war as it relates to our county. In addition to our award-winning Vietnam War exhibit, ACHS collected more than 20 interviews with veterans and community members about their experiences during this period.

Many interviews are with veterans of the war, but some were conducted with family or spouses of military personnel, and a few with residents of the county who were connected to the war in other ways. A single interview will often cover several topics, and many do not focus solely on the Vietnam War. The list is alphabetical by last name of the interviewee(s).

ACHS is working to make all of our interviews available online, so please be patience during this transition phase.

Agulair, John
Aragon, Joe
Arellano, Tony
Austin, Delbert*
Bawek, Robert*
Bayer, Peter*
Berg, Dennis and Darlene
Berling, Richard
Carpenter, Myron
Chevalier, Wayne
Clark, Mike
Danielson, Jeff*
DePoint, David*
Dudziak, Rick*
Ellenwood, Russell*
Frikken, Greg
Gallagher, Thomas*
Guthrie, Bill and Martha
Hall, Larry
Hermanstorfter, Sam

Jensen, Darrell
Johnson, Roger
Kalish, Kenneth*
King, Mike and Maria 
Kinney, Richard and Darlyn
Krueger, Duane
McConnell, James*
Miller, Dennis
Miller, Tom and Shirley
Mox, Terrance
Nash, Fred
Opem, Elder
Palm, Duane*
Phillips, Larry
Reese, Arthur*
Ruud, Steve
Sauro, Christy*
Szyperski, Bertha
Vesley, Catherine*
Wilson, David*

* – These interviews were conducted as part of a class project at Anoka-Ramsey Community College. ACHS holds a copy of these interviews, another copy is with the Library of Congress. These interviews are mostly not transcribed. Audio of the interviews can be made available in the ACHS Reading Room.